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Public housing renovation

For the design of public housing projects, we will invite masters with many years of experience and familiarity to carry out the project. The price is affordable and will not cut corners to satisfy customers.


HOS renovation

We provide professional decoration design, experienced HOS decoration design, handle different types of HOS design, and can meet all your design needs.


Shop decoration

Arrange the designer to come to your door to discuss the decoration details and make a quotation in person, so that under the busy work, you can still complete the decoration matters with peace of mind.

公屋 / 居屋



Selected Cases of Decoration Design

Generally, the living space in Hong Kong is relatively small. We will consider the creativity of various decoration design styles for local residential space. We have fully grasped the design elements, features and key points of LOFT industrial style, Nordic simplicity, modern classical, modern Chinese style and even mixed style. , combined with the use of materials, it can successfully meet the different design tastes or personal styles of various customers and create their ideal comfort snails.

Interior Design


As a comprehensive decoration design company, it is composed of designers who are passionate about interior decoration design. A professional decoration design team with more than 30 years of experience will respond to customers' daily habits, space planning, design style, material preferences and even home accessories matching needs, in order to fully meet the different design tastes of each customer, in order to serve customers. Bring the ideal home, to achieve "professional, innovative, secure" and "Live With Comfort".